The success rate of root canal treated teeth has been well documented in the literature to be between 86% and 98%. Unfortunately not all treatments result in long term healing. 
This can be the result of:

  • Complex or untreated anatomy in the original procedure

  • Recontamination of the root canal by leaking fillings, crowns, fractures and/or recurrent decay

  • Persistent infection in the bone around the tooth

  • Foreign body reaction

  • Cysts

  • Delay of permanent restoration of the treated tooth following endodontic treatment

If we feel a tooth requires retreatment we will explain the procedure, the prognosis and what other options are available.

Retreatment involves opening the tooth to gain access to the root canal spaces. We sometimes have to remove crowns, posts and build up materials in the tooth to get to the canals. A surgical operating microscope and ultrasonic handpiece is utilized to help us remove obstructions and help us see the possible cause of reinfection. The canals are then cleaned and shaped and an antibiotic is placed it the canals. The canals are then sealed with gutta percha and cement.

After treatment your dentist may have to place a new crown or restoration in the tooth.